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Urge towards engineering excellence

Innovation lies at the essence of everything. It is innovation that makes FALCON a unique and world renowned Submersible Pump manufacturing company. We stand out because of our aptitude to constantly create new innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the pump industry worldwide.

With core emphasis on Research & Development in Submersible Pumping solution, company has devoted sufficient time to achieve prowess in engineering to develop an energy efficient product range of immaculate quality.

The Company has established a separate state-of-the-art research & development division headed by Hon. Managing Director of the company himself. It is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies and is led by highly qualified technocrats.

The prime objectives are...

  • Ensuring the highest energy efficient product range, every time.
  • To meet user/site specific, tailor made & highly customized requirements.
  • Commit to develop product range with 'Least cost applied utilization'.
  • Develop Product range with World Class competences and top industry standards

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